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  Gabriela Forgo is a Colombian American artist and founder of Clay ca.  She spent nearly a decade of her childhood living in Caracas, Venezuela.  Forgo's current work is deeply influenced by her time in Latin America, particularly Venezuela, a country of deep contrasts.  Despite these conflicts the country itself continues to place a premium on preserving and finding beauty; primarily within the feminine and masculine. 
  Central to the artist's body of work is the idea that forms are constantly evolving, mirroring the growth and transformation we experience throughout life.  Just as clay is flexible and can be molded into various shapes, our skin has a certain degree of flexibility and adaptability. It can stretch, fold, and conform to the movements and contours of our bodies.
Through Gabriela’s practice, the artist conveys the message that personal growth is a continuous process. Each piece depicts bodies in a state of transition, symbolizing the constant movement and evolution we undergo as individuals.  


2016 BFA University of California Davis

2016 Yale Norfolk Nomination

Selected Exhibitions





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